• Observe. Design. Innovate, thats what ODI do once we started looking at it, it didn't take long to realise that there was a need for something better in the handlebar world. Starting with a quality "oversized" 2014-T6 aluminium handlebar platform we added the patent pending; Controlled Flex Technology crossbar. The CTF crossbar offers a carefully controlled flex pattern to reduce vibration and rigidity, something that is often felt with other bar brands. How does it work? well, go grab a set and see for yourself.
  • The CFT crossbar uses an elastomeric / telescopic shock absorption design that allows the bars to flex a small, but vital amount. the elastomer id carefully designed to control this flex in a very specific way, which offers unprecedented vibration reduction and comfort, but still maintains pin sharp steering control.
  • "We've been testing a pair all summer and they are bad ass!" Donn Maeda, Editor-in-Chief, Transworld Motocross Magazine

ODI Controlled Flex Technology handlebars (Shorty) Bend