Off Road N-Tech Pro R+  is the most advanced, 100% synthetic 4-stroke engine oil ever developed by Putoline Oil. The Nano Tech engine oils guarantee full compatibility with modern clutch friction materials and ensure an unsurpassed, correct clutch engagement.



·  Excellent wear protection for engine and transmission

·  Very low oil consumption

·  Excellent fluidity, even at low temperatures

·  Maximum, constant engine performance

·  Exceedingly good cleaning ability

·  Consistently good quality throughout the entire service life


N-TECH® is the next step in additive technology, combined with the latest group 5 fully synthetic base oils, these new products meet and exceed the latest API SN and JASO MA2, T903 2016 specifications.

Developed using the knowledge and expertise gained over the past 50 years, N-TECH® Pro R+ is the most advanced 4 stroke oil Putoline has ever produced.


N-TECH PRO R+ OFF ROAD is a fully synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil that contains the revolutionary N-Tech additive system for extremely low wear. It has excellent cleaning properties and optimal wet clutch compatibility.

N-TECH PRO R+ OFF ROAD is available in 10w/40, 10w/50 and 10w/60 in 1 litre & 4 litre variants.